Why list properties with us

Homes with Soul is a transparent platform dedicated to pet-friendly rental property listings.

List your pet friendly rental for free!  It’s easy and only takes a few minutes. If you’re an agent and would like to send us an automatic property feed, please contact us and we will organise the rest at no cost to you.


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It’s simple and easy to use

We’ve made sure that listing private pet friendly rentals with us is quick and easy! It only takes a few steps to list your property and enjoy the benefits of tapping into a niche, yet substantial tenant base. We’ve also made things easy for agents with automatic feeds – only the properties listed as pet friendly will be displayed on our website.


Faster tenant applications

Listing on a dedicated pet-friendly rentals website means tenants spend less time searching for a new home. Instead, they can focus on creating the best application possible – which may mean faster turnarounds and reduced vacancy periods. Not to mention some of the potential benefits of having pet-owners as tenants in your property.


Property Managers and Landlords
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Transparent relationships

One of the main benefits advertising your property with us is that it paves the way for an honest, transparent relationship between you and your tenant – right from the start.

The longer pet-owners struggle to find pet-friendly rental properties, the more chance pets are hidden from landlords and property managers. However, if you’re willing to be more receptive to pets, applicants are more likely to be upfront about their four-legged friends. That means you can make informed decisions about choosing the right tenant and pet for your property.


Effective use of time

If you’re a property manager, listing pet-friendly rental properties with us could mean a significant reduction in the number of calls and emails you receive asking the same question over again – “Are pets allowed?”. That’s less time spent repeating yourself and more time to take care of your clients.


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A better online experience

We bring both private and agency listed pet friendly rentals into one place. This makes it so much easier for tenants to find properties faster and can significantly improve their online search experience. Importantly, you also help bring hope to Australians sharing close bonds with their pets.


Building a community

One of the benefits of having a dedicated pet-friendly rentals website, is the opportunity for like-minded people to share ideas and recommendations. Homes with Soul is a community of pet-owners and pet-friendly property managers full of rich insights about renting with pets and managing pet-friendly properties.

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