Why holidays are better with pets

You’ve finally settled into your pet friendly rental and feel so happy that your agent or landlord has welcomed your furbaby. Now it’s time for a well-deserved rest and just like living with pets, holidays are better with pets too!

Many places claim to be pet-friendly, but in reality, they’re often dog tolerant at best. So, what can you do? The good news is, nowadays, there’s an increasing number of pet-friendly websites offering accommodation advice and services. Even the larger travel companies that never used to consider pets have now added filters to their websites making it easier for your beloved pooch to join you.

 The benefits of travelling with pets 

In our opinion the only thing better than going on holiday is being able to take your pet with you, that’s why we have been busy sniffing out the best places to travel with your pet.

There are several reasons why taking your pet with you on holidays is important. Firstly, leaving them behind can ruin your holiday. Whenever I travel, I spend most of my time worrying that everything is okay with them back home. I rarely use a kennel or cattery and am lucky enough to have good friends who offer to pet sit for me, but still it doesn’t make leaving them any easier.

Secondly, there’s nothing better than spending special moments with your pets in a new place. Capturing those insta-worthy snaps of your dog on the beach makes the trip so special and something worth remembering forever.

Finally, if you travel with your pets, you are likely to meet other people doing exactly the same thing as you. During a recent road trip from New South Wales to Queensland, I stayed in caravan parks and bed & breakfasts up the coast and met many interesting people on the road with their pets too. We shared our stories, advice and tips on where to go next with our pets. It’s impossible feel alone when you meet other people that love their pets and share the same interests as you.

Book that trip

If you are in two minds about taking your pets with you, don’t be put off, there’s never been a better time to travel with your furry friend. So, go on book that holiday!

Holidaying with pets - why it's important to take them with you.
Why it’s important to take your pets with you on holidays

Written by Carla Francis, Sydney based animal lover and founder of www.pet-friendlyaccomodation.com.au

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Nothing beats coming home to your pet

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