Who picks up the dog poop – rules for couples

We’ve all been there, you’re out for a walk with your significant other and your dog decides to do the stinkiest poop known to man. Either that or it’s in front of a group of hot guys or girls.

You both stand there for a couple of seconds, weighing up the reasons why it’s your partners turn to pick up the dog poop. Here are some points that might help your decision making in future and save you from the poop argument:

Who picked up the poop last time?

This one’s a given. If you went for a walk yesterday and your partner picked up the dog poop – it may be time to step up to the mark. Things start to get a little complicated if the poop happens to be super runny or in a very awkward spot. Time to charm your partner! Then you’re back to square one….whoops.

Who’s got the poo bags?

You could be someone that attaches poo bags to your lead, or maybe like most of us you just stuff them into every pocket in your wardrobe (anyone else get random poo bags in the washing machine?). If your partner has the poo bags, casually looking in the other direction generally has the desired effect. However, we can’t help you if your partner reads this article too and secretly puts the bags in your pants.

Who’s in the dog house?

Which one of you did something wrong or cheeky recently? Maybe your husband/boyfriend forgot to pick up the kids, or your wife/girlfriend left the bedroom in a mess. If that’s the case – great! You’re off the hook. If it’s you in the dog house, this is a great way to redeem yourself.

Who’s closest to the poop?

This one’s a bit of a long shot, but it’s almost as good as the ‘who saw it first’ excuse. Maybe you casually look away for a few seconds or take a slight step back from said poop. Or maybe you just ignore this point because it probably won’t work.

At the end of the day what matters is that we all continue to be responsible pet owners and do the right thing.

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