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So you’ve just turned up to inspect the rental of your dreams and your heart sinks…there’s a line of people waiting to see the same property! We know that in those moments, the thought of getting your dream home may seem like a lost cause.

However, we believe there’s little things you can do from the moment you start sending rental enquiries that may help you stand out above the rest. After chatting to some of the Property Managers in our pet-friendly community, we’ve gathered a list of tips that anyone searching for a new home can use.

Get the basics right first

Before we get into some of the juicier tips, it’s important to note that these tips look above and beyond just submitting a great rental application. At the end of the day, nothing can replace a good rental history and solid references.

So while it may seem like an obvious tip, make sure you have everything you need to showcase your commitment to responsible pet ownership and tenancy in your application first.

Rental enquiries – communications matters 

Some of us are guilty of sending a quick email to agents without putting much thought into how the message comes across. An example might be an email enquiry without any context,for example “When can I move in?” or “Interested” – it’s just not going to cut it when 20 other tenants are enquiring about the same property.

Keeping your message short and simple is always best, but still offer something about yourself to inspire the response you want. It helps to remember that there’s a person at the other end of your message and that it never hurts to try to build a good relationship from the start.

We know it can be easy to forget, that’s why we’ve included tips on our pet friendly rental properties website Homes with Soul contact forms as a reminder to tenants.

Grammar can reflect on you

Don’t forget to also do a quick spell check. Think of good grammar as a way to reflect how you care about the little things – including the way you care for your home. You don’t have to be one of those spelling geniuses to put together a decent message. If in doubt, Google the right way to spell and don’t rush your message.

Remember the rental property address

When you’re sifting through a million properties, by the time you’ve called the agent, you may have already forgotten the address! It’s important to remember that the agent might be managing several properties in the same area and may not know which property you’re asking about.

If you’re going to call them, have the address and your questions ready to go – first impressions, whether by phone or email count for a lot. If you’re looking at the listing late on a Sunday night – it might be best to wait until morning to make that call!

Arrive on time to property inspections

Some things are out of our control and it’s not always possible to be on time. Maybe there was a car accident and the traffic was horrendous, or maybe your navigation system tried to take you down a one way street. In saying that, it’s important that you try your best to be on time for every inspection.

Calling the agent five minutes before the inspection end-time asking for them to wait 20 minutes for you is not the best way to set a good impression. Agents usually have more than one inspection to manage in one day and it can tricky to stay longer than the original inspection time.

Read the listing description carefully

Sometimes there are bits of information that aren’t included in the listing (thankfully on Homes with Soul you already know pets will be considered – that’s one less question ask!), in which case it’s perfectly understandable to ask questions. However, sometimes tenants ask questions that have already been answered in the listing.

An example might be when the available date is, when the inspection is taking place, how many rooms are in the property and whether it has certain features. Before you ask any questions, it’s important to take the time to read the listing carefully to make sure it hasn’t already been answered.

At the end of the day, your interactions will be different depending on who you deal with, however, we strongly believe that courtesy from both sides is the perfect recipe for a better outcome.  No-one will ever complain about clear communication, respect, courtesy or all-round friendliness!


Written by Homes with Soul Australia – the place to find both private and agency listed pet friendly rentals in one place. Start searching for pet friendly rentals. If you’re an agent or landlord, listing on Homes with Soul is free, please contact us to organise an automatic rental feed or landlord registration.

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