The risks of hiding pets from landlords

“Maybe I should just hide my pet from landlords…” This is a thought that has probably gone through the minds of most pet owners struggling to find a rental property in Australia.

When pet owners are faced with having to choose between a home or keeping their pet, it’s hard to blame them for considering it. It’s hardly the ideal situation for the tenant, pet or the landlord – it’s a no win. From a pet owners perspective, inspections become the most stressful times of the year, with last minute strategies to hide any signs that a pet lives in the property.

Tenants may even need to take the day off work just to get their pet out of the house. As for landlords or property managers, hidden pets take the control out of choosing the most appropriate tenant for their property right out of their hands.

These are issues that are currently being faced in the rental property market. The reality is that there is far more demand for pet friendly rentals than there are properties that allow pets. So in desperation, many pet owners feel they either have to give up their pet or hide them. It’s a sad truth that we certainly don’t agree with. However, it’s important to consider the risks of hiding your pets and whether perhaps there is an alternative solution where your pet can stay with you without hiding them.

Risks of hiding pets from landlords

The risks of hiding pets

  • The first risk is obvious, and that’s potential eviction. It can be very easy to overlook a water bowl or lead when you’re preparing for an inspection. And if you’re caught, it’s likely you will be given notice for breaching your lease agreement. That’s even less time for you to look for an alternative home for you and your pet.
  • Another risk of being found out is that your lack of positive references will impact your applications for other properties. Having your name blacklisted is a very bad situation for you and your pet.
  • The stress you need to go through to hide your pet will drive you around the bend. The bond you share is special and something to be proud of. Hiding your pet is painful for both of you and doesn’t do your bond any justice.
  • Have you also considered the impacts on your pet? Will the amount of times you take your dog for a walk reduce because you’re afraid someone will see you? Or what about taking your pet to the vet? What if your neighbours catch you out?

A home should be a place where you can relax and unwind. There are enough stresses in life to keep you busy, without stressing at home. In saying that, there is nothing more stressful than feeling like you can’t keep your pet. They are family and no family should ever be left behind.

Homes with Soul Australia brings pet friendly rental properties into one place, to provide a transparent platform for pet owners and landlords to nurture trust. To build a foundation where everyone can leverage from each other’s experiences to create more opportunities for tenants and their pets to find a home.

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