Renting with pets

There are many benefits to renting with pets, including the positive impacts on your emotional, physical and mental well-being. In Australia, we are lucky to have so many beautiful beaches and parks available to us. Having a pet to enjoy it with is like the cherry on top!

Importantly, we share incredibly strong bonds with our pets and could never imagine living life without them. Coming home to them has the power to melt our stress away and bring smiles to our faces. They’re family and belong right by our side.

However, the reality is that pet friendly rentals make up a small percentage of the overall rental property market – and the competition is high. This can lead to pet owners feeling stressed when it comes to finding a new home. To secure a home with your pet, your rental application will need to have solid references which reflect a history of responsible pet ownership and tenancy.

Our website shares helpful tips on caring for your rental and keeping your pet happy to reduce the risk of any pet damage. Your pro-active approach will go a long way in ensuring your landlord stays on side and provides you with the glowing references you need. You will also play an important role in nurturing trust between pet owners, landlords and property managers, to create more opportunities for tenants and their pets in the future.

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