How to write a pet resume

Writing a pet resume is an important step in increasing your chances of finding a home with your pet. We bring pet friendly rental properties into one place so that you have more time to prepare your rental application.

Normally, when you apply for a rental property, you’re asked to provide an application form, references and identification. To help speed up the screening process and ease any concerns that landlords may have about your pet, we also suggest you create a pet resume.

While an application form mostly focuses on your tenancy history, a pet resume is a perfect tool to show off your pet and your commitment to responsible pet ownership. It also provides agents and landlords the information they need to work out whether the property is right for your pet. Taking this extra step could be what sets you apart from other applicants and increases your chances of being accepted.

Pet resume
pet resume

What should you include in a pet resume

Here’s some tips and ideas on what you should include in your pet resume:

  • The breed, age, and temperament of your pet (extra brownie points if you include a cute photo).
  • Examples of your pet’s good behaviour – for example, any formal training.
  • How much time you spend with your pet – if your pet is a dog, how often do you take them out for a walk each day? What happens while you’re at work?
  • Information about your pet’s health, regular check-ups and grooming.
  • What your pet means to your family, plus the steps you take to protect rental properties from pet damage.
  • Have you lived in a rental property with your pet before? Include details of your previous agent or landlord who will vouch for you as a tenant.

Above all, let your pet’s personality shine! Take this opportunity to help landlords see your pet, through your eyes.

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