Caring for your pet

Your commitment to caring for your pet is one of the most important elements of responsible pet ownership and tenancy. Whether it’s pet training to reduce the risk of damage or dog walking to keep your pet healthy  – they’re all things that contribute towards glowing references from your landlord.

We know that renting with pets isn’t just about having a pet friendly rental home. Pets are a big commitment and depending on your individual situation, you may also decide to get a bit of extra help caring for your pet. That’s where experienced dog walkers, pet sitters, groomers or pet stores in your area come in handy.

Our website provides some helpful links and resources to get you started. Researching the individual needs of your pet is also vital in ensuring you can create many more years of happy memories in your home. See the links below with information and tips on caring for different types of pets.

Getting expert help and understanding the needs of your pet is important in addressing any potential concerns that may impact you keeping pets in your rental. One thing is for sure, the unconditional love we get from our pets is worth far more than anything we could ever give back to them.