Benefits of pet friendly properties

There’s no doubt about it, Aussie’s love their pets. So it’s not surprising that over 63% of Australians are estimated to have pets – one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world. From single professionals, to defacto couples and retirees, pet-friendly accommodation is in hot demand.

However, fears around damage, noise, or the potential costs for repair contribute to this demand not being met. While the potential for damage does exist, regardless of whether a tenant has a pet or not, it’s worth being aware of both the potential risks and benefits of allowing pets in your property before making a decision.

Positive references are vital for pet owners

Due to the high demand for pet friendly rental properties in Australia, tenants really need to stand out above the rest when it comes to their references. Not respecting rules around responsible pet ownership and tenancy could significantly impact their applications for properties in future. This is even more reason for tenants to ensure that both their pet and rental property is well cared for.


Pet friendly properties
Pet friendly properties

You’re still in control

If you decide to advertise your property as pet-friendly (assuming you’ve received confirmation from relevant parties, including the Owner’s Corporation), it doesn’t mean all pets are automatically accepted.  All applicants still need to go through the usual application and screening process, allowing you to choose your new tenant and their pet based on the merit of each application. If you’re still feeling unsure, there are also things you can do to help protect your rental property and provide you with some further reassurance.

Long-term tenants

It’s no secret that responsible pet-owners would be far more willing to pass up a nice rental property than to give up their beloved pets. Some pet owners have even been known to offer more rent just to keep their furry family members. Plus, due to high demand, pet friendly rentals tend to rent out faster, with pet owners willing to go above and beyond to care for their rental.

Tenants with pets usually also stay in their rental long-term to continue providing their pet with a safe, familiar environment. Not only does this translate into shorter vacancy periods and reliable long-term tenants, but you can also save money on advertising and administrative costs.

Pet friendly properties
Pet friendly properties

Happier tenants

You don’t have to look far to find the numerous physical, mental and emotional benefits of having pets – one of which is a reduction in stress levels. The impact this can have on someone’s personal and professional life is significant. No wonder tenants with pets tend to stay longer – after all, who would want to leave their home when it’s so full of joy and happiness?

The positive impact of pets on a tenants life is strongly linked to the benefits of pet friendly properties. An example of this is how your tenant’s well-being may impact their ability to earn a steady income and meet their rental payments.

Embracing diversity

The idea that renters are only made up of university students or low-income earners is long gone. Nowadays, people of all different backgrounds, age groups and situations make up Australian renters.

The same goes for pet ownership. Perhaps it’s the empty nesters looking to downsize and find a companion, or the successful single professional who likes to come home and relax with their pet. In fact, according to the 2016 Census from the Australia Bureau of Statistics, solo renters make up the highest proportion of people in flats/apartments in Sydney. So by allowing pets in your property, you could be tapping into a niche market, broadening your pool of prospective tenants and opening yourself up to the beautiful diversity that makes up Australia.

Pet friendly properties
Pet friendly properties

You save lives

The most heartbreaking part about pet-owners struggling to find or secure pet-friendly properties is that their pets wear the consequences. Every year in Australia, thousands of healthy pets are surrendered and killed for numbers of reasons, including “no pets” clauses on rental properties.

There are many benefits to allowing tenants with pets on your property, but nothing compares to the difference you can make to the lives of innocent animals. By reconsidering your stance on pets, you are indirectly encouraging adoptions, reduced rates of euthanasia and helping to keep families together.

At the end of the day, nothing speaks louder than first-hand experience. If you’ve read the benefits on this page and wish to list your pet-friendly rental property, all you need to do is sign up. It’s important that you keep your listing up to date to ensure tenants have access to the latest information about your property.

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