Why landlords should consider allowing pets in their rental

For many landlords who’ve worked hard to buy their investments, the thought of allowing pets in their rental property can be nerve-wracking!

However, the reality is that accepting tenants with pets doesn’t mean you will have any problems. There’s plenty of landlords who allow pets in their rental and haven’t experienced any issues. All tenants are different and there’s never any guarantees – regardless of whether they’re young, old, single, coupled or have pets. That’s why it’s so important to base decisions on the merit of each application, their history and references. To help you make the best decision for your rental, we’ve summarised seven potential benefits of landlords allowing pets in their rental:

The benefits of allowing pets

  1.  There’s a very high demand for pet friendly rental properties. To get exceptional references, it’s vital for tenants with pets to showcase their commitment to responsible pet ownership and tenancy.
  2.  Allowing pets in your rental property doesn’t mean every pet is automatically accepted. Everyone still goes through the standard application and reference process – that means you are still in control.
  3.  By being willing to genuinely consider applications from tenants with pets, you are tapping into a large, yet niche tenant base. That could mean more choice and faster applications.
  4.  Pet owners often prefer to provide their pets with a stable and secure home long-term. This could have positive impacts on turnover, vacancy periods and advertising costs.
  5.  Think about how much happier your tenant could be with their four-legged best friend to greet them at home! Plus, it’s always so much better to be doing business with a happy, healthy person.
  6.  It’s estimated that over 63% of Aussie’s own pets – that means you are embracing a big chunk of people that form an important part of the diversity that makes our country so beautiful.
  7.  You could save lives! When renters can’t find a property with their pets, it’s the pets that suffer the consequences. But if you open your home and heart to pets, less will be surrendered to pounds each year in Australia.

List your pet friendly rental for free

If you are a landlord willing to consider pets, you can list your property for free on our dedicated pet friendly rentals website. We can also help Property Managers set up a property feed to our website for free – please contact us to get this started.

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